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Humpback Whale Saves Scientist from Shark

Some stories are too good not to share, like the one where a humpback whale saved a scientist from a shark. Imagine being able to dive next to giant whales on a regular basis! Not only would that be a bit terrifying it would also be something incredible memorable and special. Nan Hauser gets to do this and shared an incredible story about her encounter with a very special humpback whale.

In the BBC Earth documentary, Hauser talks about her encounter with the massive animal. As President and Director of the Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation, she gets to swim with whales. How cool is that! On this one particular day a whale came charging at her and tried to push her out of the water. At one point the whale tried to put her under his fin. This is where I would start to have a panic attack. Is this whale trying to kill me or protect me and why?

Once Nan saw the shark moving toward her the panic started to set in. She was able to get on top of the whale’s head and enjoy a ride back to the boat. Once she was safe on the boat she thanked the whale and shouted at him that she loved him.

Nan Hauser’s story is incredible and it only makes me a tad jealous. When she talked about the humpback whale returning and swimming with him for 20 minutes, I cried. These massive creatures that some people fear or even hate and kill, are gentile giants. They have a soul and emotions just like we do. For this whale to have come back months later shows that they can form strong bonds with humans as well.

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