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Whale Watchers Get to Kiss a Gray Whale

A video surfaced last month that shows some lucky whale watchers who got to pet and kiss a gray whale. In the video, you can see a few different small boats in a circle as they watch the gray whale surface out of the water. The passengers on the boat that were next to the whale were very excited. They laughed and started to pet the whale and some even kissed it. One passenger took off his hat and places his bold head against the whale. Then he gave it a kiss as it sank back into the water, spraying them with water from its blowhole. What would you do if you saw a gray whale up close and personal? Would you also give it a kiss?

The people on the vessels were out in Magdalena Bay, Mexico, looking for the migrating whales. They got what they were looking for and then some. I would love to be able to see a 45 ton California gray whale, up close. Gray whales are baleen whale and are considered to be friendly. They will come close to the vessel and poke their heads vertically to get a better view of their surroundings. This is called spyhopping.

The last time I went whale watching it was in Boston and we got to see a whale and a calf. This felt incredible and magical, but not as magical as being able to touch one. While the video is great and brings a smile to our faces, we have to be mindful of the oceans and the effect it has on us and ocean life. The rising water temperature, pollution, fire and droughts are all affecting us and our ocean friends.

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