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Captain Boomer Collective Sperm Whale Art

Have you heard about the Captain Boomer Collective Sperm Whale art installation? The group of artists, performers and scientists have been making headways since 2008. They create incredibly realistic art and perform around it. Whether it’s a breached whale or real life cows grazing in the middle of the city, the performers know how to shock their audience. 

The sperm whale art installment by Captain Boomer Collective (CBC) is a true replica. This enormous whale has scuff marks, eyes and teeth which make it too real. The whale breaching installation has been making its way around Europe. They have installed their art in Paris, Madrid, and United Kingdom. Just in May, they were back again with their whale statue. Drivers on M62 motorway were also shocked to see a life-sized whale. I’m a little surprised that it didn’t cause an accident. 

What does the dead whale art represent? 

According to the artists, their sperm whale art is meant to intertwine reality and fiction. Sperm whale breaching are always a spectacle. People gather around to see the enormous whale and watch as scientists work around it. The CBC performs do the same with their life-size statue. This dead corpse statue is also meant to be disturbing and make us question why this happened. Did humans do it? Our ideas of whales swimming freely in the open ocean is ruined with this life-size sperm whale art installment. 

This art installment also caused a sense of community. People gather around the statue and ask each other questions. They all come to the same spot and wonder if it’s real. This creates a community and union among the viewers. The artists also make sure that they install the whale statue in a public spot. This way everyone can see it, free of charge. 

Lastly, the artists make sure to educate their audience. Once the artists have a gathering, they perform their autopsy on the fake whale. Throughout their performance they provide information on sperm whales and why they breach. 

Captain Boomer Collective create art that makes an impact and involves its audience. They also offer you a once in a lifetime chance to see and be part of their art. Their installments are there one day and gone the next. 

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