Cuvier’s beaked whale stranded

Stranded Young Whale in Greece

On Thursday, a stranded young whale was spotted in shallow waters in an area of Vouliagmeni, Greece. The rescue mission that day to lead the whale back to the see was successful. Friday morning the whale was spotted again in shallow waters in Alimos area. When the veterinarians, divers and coast guards came to the whale’s rescue, they realized it was injured. The young Cuvier’s beaked whale sustained injuries to its lower jaw and was dehydrated. While the team of rescuers are not giving up, the news isn’t looking too good.

Whenever a whale or any cetaceans are found in shallow waters, the news is not great. The animal is either lost, confused, seriously injured, or fighting a disease. In this case, the stranded young whale was seriously injured, had anaemia and very low white blood cell count. The vet and the team administered fluids and electrolytes to the young whale and are hoping it will pull through. Right now, the odds of it surviving are low. We will keep you all posted and update this article once we learn more about the whale’s condition.

Spotted Stranded Cetaceans

If you ever spot a stranded whale or other cetaceans, do not push it back in the water! While you want to help the animal, there is always a reason why it isn’t in deeper water. Cuvier beaked whale for example prefer to be 1,000 feet or more deep in our ocean waters. This is where their food source like squid, hide and where they thrive.

We are routing for this stranded young whale in Greece. We hope that a miracle will happen and we wake up to some good news!

Rescue team helping the stranded young whale. Image by

Update 2/2/22

After fighting tirelessly and sending the whale back into deeper waters, we are left with sad news. On Wednesday, the injured whale was found off Salamis island. The last time it was seen was on January 28th, when the team did everything possible to help it. The team of scientists and vets will take the whale and perform a necropsy in order to determine what was wrong with this Cuvier’s beaked whale.

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