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Bryde Whale Spotted in Dubai Marina

On Saturday, Sheikh Hamdan shared a video of what he believes to be a Bryde whale, surfacing in Dubai marina. While there are whales in the the UAE, they are very rare to see. The last Bryde whale was seen in October during a marine survey done by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.

The whales got their name after Johan Bryde, who helped create the first whaling station in South Africa. The Bryde whale are part of the baleen species and belong to the same family as humpback and blue whales. Adult whales can range from 43 to 47 feet long and weigh 13 to 28 tons.

These whales can eat over 1,300 pounds of food daily. Their meals include krill, shrimp, fish like herring and sardines. This means that the Dubai marina is thriving and provides enough food for the various cetaceans. These whales live in tropical waters, which the Dubai marina offers.

There are no whale watching boats available in the Dubai marina so when a whale is spotted, it’s a treat to see. A wellness check on the whale is set to be done today.

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