whale breaches on boat

Breaching Humpback Whale Lands on Boat

Have you see the video footage of a breaching humpback whale landing on a small boat in Mexico? On Saturday, tourists on boats gathered in Topolobampo Bay. They watched the humpback whale breaching, and one ship got in the way.

In the video, we see that the humpback whale lands on top of the small boat, crushing some parts. The four passengers on the ship were hurt and taken to the hospital in Los Mochis. One man is in serious condition. He is a former government employee of Ahome.

What about the whale? Is the whale injured? While a humpback whale might be large and powerful, it can still sustain severe injuries from a boat. We do not know anything about the whale’s condition. We can only hope that the whale is okay.

The user who shared the video on Twitter shared another incredible video. A breaching humpback whale jumps in between two vessels in the second video, barely missing them. While the video is incredible, we should note that whales need their space. Whales should not be chased or observed too close. We can’t tell if the whale in the first video was mad or miscalculated its breaching path.

Why do they Breach?

Breaching is when whales come out to breath air. A breaching humpback whale is common to see during matting season. Scientists believe that breaching is a way that whales communicate. The noise that they make in the water is heard by other whales. Maybe it’s a way the whale can show off his skills and twirls for the potential mate, like birds do with their singing and dancing?

When whale watching, always make sure you are doing it from a safe distance. Never go chasing the whale or heading towards it which can cause a a head-on collision.

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